Pepper Pot Silk by Planet Earth Fibers

100% Silk

30 Yards

Single strand compatible on 13(unless you are a tight stitcher), 16, and 18 count canvas.

Silk is an extremely durable natural fiber, this can be stitched on almost any canvas and still look fantastic 40 years from now! The colors in silk are very vibrant and bright and have colors that you tend to not get in other fibers.

If you are arthritic or have carpal tunnel syndrome this is the fiber for you! It stitches so smoothly and is very easy on your hands. I personally am able to stitch 3 times longer when I stitch with silk than I do with any other fiber.

Please be advised if you are going to stitch silk on a belt, keychain, or dog collar that it is not waterproof and runs the risk of the color bleeding. I stitch silk on all of these, but just make sure that I do not put the product into situations where they will be drenched in water or sweat.