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Welcome to The Eye of the Needle

We are glad you decided to visit our online store and hope you find everything your needlepointing heart desires. We have a wide selection of items including: Birth Announcements, Bell Pulls, Belts, Brick covers, Checkbook Covers, Children’s Belts, Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Stockings, Dog Collars, Flip Flops, Straight Keychains, Loop Keychains, Luggage tags, Picture Frames, Pillows, and Shoes.

Our main goal as a family business is to bring you the best quality products for the best possible price. We want everyone to be able to enjoy a great hobby that brings us all great joy. We are happy to help you with any needlepoint needs and hope to make your experience the smoothest and most helpful. Hope you love our store and hope to hear from you. Happy shopping!!

About The Eye of the Needle

The Eye of the Needle has been in business for over 50 years starting as a knitting store. In 1989 Cheryl bought the local store and transformed the small knitting store into one of the leading needlepoint stores in the country. When Cheryl started there were just a few needlepoint belt designs such as nautical flags, argyle, and stripe designs.  Now we stock over 2,000 belts designs currently in the store. We are still coming up with new designs, so our selection is always growing and improving!

The Hobby Belt Queen

With Cheryl painting her own designs, she has become what everyone in Kentucky knows her as the “Hobby belt Queen.”  Since the beginning she has been painting what we call Hobby Belts, which are personalized belts with your different hobbies, interests, schools, and just about anything you can think of.  Cheryl’s main goal when she bought the store was to offer needlepoint at a reasonable price and provide excellent service, all so everyone can enjoy a craft that Cheryl herself has enjoyed since childhood! We try to keep a family atmosphere in our store because we believe you should enjoy what you do and if you get the chance to visit us we’re sure you will feel right at home especially with our resident greeters welcoming you.