Abstract Flower

Abstract Flower


Belt (use this one)
$3/inch for stitching. $98 for leathering. Selecting 'yes' means you will get a completed product. If you want to needlepoint this yourself select 'no' and once the project is completed you can mail it back for leathering. If yes is selected, time frame is anywhere from 6-10 weeks before shipped out.
What do monogrammed and regular look like?


Would You Like Thread?
To get the most accurate belt size you MUST measure from the end of the buckle (including full buckle) to the hole that is currently used. You cannot go by a stamped belt size. If a belt cannot be measured we are happy to make an educated guess but cannot guarantee an accurate fit.

Measure a belt that is currently worn from the end of the buckle (include full buckle) to the hole that is most worn.

Were you able to measure a currently worn belt? *
What do brass and silver buckles look like?
Silver Buckle

Brass Buckle

What do the different colored leathers look like?
Brown Bridle

Dark Brown

British Tan



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